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Posted on: December 26, 2023

Written by: Katie Van Winkle

Let’s buy the Marina!

Who knew a simple cruise around Beaver Lake would completely change the course of our lives.

While the details of that boat ride may be hazy, I do know that some of the best ideas are born after a beer on a warm summer day. Laughing it off, yeah…sure… we love boating, Jon and Whitney grew up on Beaver Lake, you could say it’s in our blood, but buy the Marina? What does that even mean?!

What seemed like a pipe dream suddenly became an ongoing conversation, full of hours of brainstorming, daydreaming and lots of sleepless nights. Navigating the process seemed daunting and endless but alas on April 13, 2023 the papers were signed and we had officially dove head first into the deep end of the unknown.

The transition phase was eye opening to say the least, who knew there were so many moving parts in this business? Thankfully we had guidance from Chuck and Cathy; knowing what we had signed on for, they’d just laugh and assure us that we’d get the hang of it. Before we knew it we had officially survived Spring, then Summer and finally Fall. With the support from our family, friends, customers and our wonderful staff we came out of this year (mostly) unscathed.

Patience, determination and a sense of humor along with an endless supply of caffeine and hot dogs helped us manage what will prove to be the best “wild hair” idea to ever come out of a simple boat ride.

Thank you to everyone for an amazing 2023, we look forward to seeing what 2024 brings!